Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Remember when your parents made you stand in the front yard on that first day of school every year? Maybe with your fingers up showing what grade you were in? You were in your cute new dress or little shorts outfit because it was still so hot and there was still a lot of summer to go. I remember it every year--my own and then my girls' pictures. I even remember what I wore on my first day of kindergarten in 1958. Grandma Spratt made a darling plaid drop waist plaid dress for me (and probably a twin one for my cousin Julie). It was just so exciting. So exciting that I'm going to show you the very picture! Here I am!
Boy am I cute!
So Mark thought I should have my picture taken when I started school this year. I mean it makes sense. I will kindly point out a few differences between 1958 and 2009 however, because it's difficult to notice.
#1-I'm a tad bit older.
#2-I have a book bag and it's really heavy!
#3-It's colder in January than in August.
#4-I can't hold up my fingers to show my grade because I don't have enough fingers.
(And because I have to wear gloves to prevent frostbite.)
#5-My darling outfit is hidden under layers of coats.
#6-The smile is fake.
What can I say......

A picture speaks a thousand words.


  1. You are such a cute student! :)

    P.S. Thank you for the great ideas for service projects. I think they all sound fabulous, but the committee is pretty picky so we'll see if I can manage to pass one of these ideas off with them.

  2. You are the cutest 35 year old grandma I have ever seen! Good thing you have that great Puffy coat to keep you warm in your trek from Sandy to Campus.

  3. Good Luck Gayle!! You look darling.

  4. Wow! I don't think I have any pictures - no, I know I don't have any pictures of the first day of school. Well, there is the one of all the family and the neighbor kids standing in a line ready to catch the bus which drove all the way down our street and turned around in our driveway, but nothing of just me, thus no fake smiles. By the way, I like your fake smile.

  5. I love the pictures! I just found your blog it was sent to my junk mail. I'm glad you started one. I'll give you a call