Friday, January 16, 2009

Co-Eds and Frat Boys

Yes it's true. I'm a co-ed again. And let me just say that college wasn't this hard when I was a co-ed the first time. I feel like I pushed the wrong key on the computer and lost all my files. And can you say "OLD"! I mean the only person older than me in my classes is my math teacher. And speaking of math, WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!! Why is the class I signed up for--"Math for Elementary Teachers"--all about Algebra? I thought I'd had enough Fibinaci numbers and Pascal triangles when I was in Jr. High. And that was 40+ years ago! I'm also taking International Children's Literature which will be interesting. And then my other class is Beginning Spanish. OK, here's the first day in Spanish:
Teacher: I want everyone to introduce themselves and then tell three
things about
yourself--two true and one false.
Me:...Well, one, I'm a Grandma; two, I'm thirty-five; and three, I graduated
from the U in
Teacher: I don't think you could possibly have graduated in '75.

Yessss, I love that teacher!

The other thing about the U is that it covers a lot of area and you have to park in Sandy if you drive. And that's how close you can get for $75. Also--Books--and I'm not talking about beautiful coffee table books with filagree edges and fabulous photography. My three textbooks and two workbooks cost $300! Can you believe it?

P.S. Did you know that every night the buildings get shuffled around and all the classrooms are re-numbered so it's really easy to get lost?


  1. I just love how they made you do a getting-to-know-you activity that I've been encouraged to use with junior high students.

    I think those building-shufflers follow me around. I remember my first day at BYU staring at my campus map trying to figure out where I was and finally breaking down and asking someone where the Eyring building was, and having that person give me a pitying look and point at the building ten feet away from me. Ahhh, good times.

  2. Good for you to go back. I think you'd be great to have in a class too. You will add a lot, even if it's just your fun personality being in the room!

  3. Congrats on going back to school! How fun - except for maybe the math. I suck at math. ;) Good luck on not getting lost on a regular basis!

  4. I feel your pain on math for teachers. I had to take a math test to get my teaching certificate so I can teach English! Why do I need to know algebra, geometry, and fractions to teach about themes and good writing?!?

    Good luck with all of your classes and all of the hiking around on a campus that likes to re-arrange itself at night. :)

  5. That building shuffling explains a lot of things. I don't think any of the building I used to frequent are in the same places. They sure don't look the same, but then neither does the campus. I salute you for going back. You are one brave soul.

  6. I love hearing someone else complain about the cost of books. Dan doesn't even have books (well, he should, but didn't buy them)...he has notes he has to buy...yep...just paper and they are all extremely expensive. I think it's awesome that you are going back though! You should take a public speaking class just for fun because I think your speeches would be awesome!

  7. On a completely different topic...I figured you might be a good lady to ask about help with my calling. I'm on the Enrichment committee and I'm in charge of figuring out a service project that we can do at the Relief Society birthday party in March. The project has to be super cheap and a project that can be done in a small group. We're grouping women by birthday months at different tables and that's when they'll do the project. I was thinking of tie-ing(how do you spell that word?!?) flannel blankets for a women/children's shelter, but the other ladies weren't a huge fan of that idea. Any other suggestions for what we could do?

  8. So if you're 35, how old does that make me? Wow, Emily and I are wonders of science!

  9. Jessica--You were always a little directionally challenged.
    Claire--I've always known you're a wonder! But now I have my darling Grandbaby to surpass you all.
    Emily--I'll have to think about that. I'll get back to you. Any of you other girls out there who have done a good, cheap service project? Send your ideas quickly.

  10. I was so excited to see a second post on your blog! Yay :)
    And don't worry. NO-ONE (except maybe your daughter, who eats children's party food at 3am in the morning, and therefore doesn't count) gets maths!
    (Love you Jess!)
    Can you use those new fangled 'SatNavs' that give you road directions on the U's campus?
    xo Tammy