Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life's Twists and Turns

Life really takes some twists and turns doesn't it? Last time I wrote, my biggest worry was school. Now there's Mark. I had a lovely week in the hospital with him. He thinks it was only 2 days. Morphine really makes time fly. And let me just say, no matter how good they make hospital cafeteria food look, it's not. But they can't ruin candy bars and bags of chips so that's what I ate (and ate) as I sat in that room trying to study between nurse visits every 15 minutes! A hospital is not the place to be if you need to rest and heal. Anyway, just when we thought Mark could go home, they come and tell us he has lymphoma.

Well, OK so here we go again--six chemo treatments every three weeks. That puts us from now through June before he's finished with poison therapy.
So far after
one treatment he hasn't felt too bad, but you must remember that he has two huge wounds still from his back-to-back surgeries that are still healing. He can't understand why he doesn't feel like playing tennis! The oncologist told him that his beautiful thick wavy hair would fall out in 10 to 14 days after his treatment and they were right on. I can attest to the fact that hair falling out in big clumps is really disgusting. So when his did, he just wanted to cut it off before it got to be a mess. This is BEFORE:

This is DURING:

So now here's the question--What style of hat works the best with Mark's bone structure (and ears)? I let him try on some of my cancer hats to try to decide.

Here he is as a baaad biker dude.
(Well maybe not too baaad.)

Mmmm, I don't think any of these looks is quite right. But I do rather think the French beret look is sexy.

But I think I'll see him most often as the All-American boy I married. If you don't know this fabulous man, you're missing out because he's one in a million!

Mark, I'm with you through all the tough days ahead and I can only hope I do it with the patience, love and caring you gave me six years ago. I love you. XOXOXO

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Remember when your parents made you stand in the front yard on that first day of school every year? Maybe with your fingers up showing what grade you were in? You were in your cute new dress or little shorts outfit because it was still so hot and there was still a lot of summer to go. I remember it every year--my own and then my girls' pictures. I even remember what I wore on my first day of kindergarten in 1958. Grandma Spratt made a darling plaid drop waist plaid dress for me (and probably a twin one for my cousin Julie). It was just so exciting. So exciting that I'm going to show you the very picture! Here I am!
Boy am I cute!
So Mark thought I should have my picture taken when I started school this year. I mean it makes sense. I will kindly point out a few differences between 1958 and 2009 however, because it's difficult to notice.
#1-I'm a tad bit older.
#2-I have a book bag and it's really heavy!
#3-It's colder in January than in August.
#4-I can't hold up my fingers to show my grade because I don't have enough fingers.
(And because I have to wear gloves to prevent frostbite.)
#5-My darling outfit is hidden under layers of coats.
#6-The smile is fake.
What can I say......

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Co-Eds and Frat Boys

Yes it's true. I'm a co-ed again. And let me just say that college wasn't this hard when I was a co-ed the first time. I feel like I pushed the wrong key on the computer and lost all my files. And can you say "OLD"! I mean the only person older than me in my classes is my math teacher. And speaking of math, WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!! Why is the class I signed up for--"Math for Elementary Teachers"--all about Algebra? I thought I'd had enough Fibinaci numbers and Pascal triangles when I was in Jr. High. And that was 40+ years ago! I'm also taking International Children's Literature which will be interesting. And then my other class is Beginning Spanish. OK, here's the first day in Spanish:
Teacher: I want everyone to introduce themselves and then tell three
things about
yourself--two true and one false.
Me:...Well, one, I'm a Grandma; two, I'm thirty-five; and three, I graduated
from the U in
Teacher: I don't think you could possibly have graduated in '75.

Yessss, I love that teacher!

The other thing about the U is that it covers a lot of area and you have to park in Sandy if you drive. And that's how close you can get for $75. Also--Books--and I'm not talking about beautiful coffee table books with filagree edges and fabulous photography. My three textbooks and two workbooks cost $300! Can you believe it?

P.S. Did you know that every night the buildings get shuffled around and all the classrooms are re-numbered so it's really easy to get lost?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods

I've been in a real philosophical mood lately. Being a new Grandma has naturally turned my mind to deep thoughts. And when I have deep thoughts, I mean Pooh thoughts. ("Think think think") The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh contains all of the really important truths about life. Each character embodies an example of a real non-animated person. I mean, think about it.

Christopher Robin--A caring boy who's protective of his friends and joins them on their adventures or helps bail them out when they're in trouble.
Pooh--He accepts all as equally important in his life, a true friend. Very creative in problem solving ("I'm just a little black rain cloud...") He is, however, very focused on his physical needs. ("I'm so rumbly in my tumbly")
Piglet--A true worrier. (Kind of reminds me of Mark's mom) unselfish and lacking in confidence.
Rabbit--Just the opposite--self centered, OCD, the neighborhood busy-body.
Eeyore--Gloomy old Eeyore.
Owl--The know-it-all who doesn't really know it all, but loves to talk.
Kanga--Probably the most normal character--just a good and protective mom.
Roo--The typical energetic kid who likes adventure.
and then there's....
Tigger (T-I-Double grrrr- R)--"Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun fun fun fun fun"--just out to have fun and find joy in life.

Who are you most like?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Blog-New Baby-New Year

Can you believe it! I (with Jessica's assistance) figured out how to step into Cyberspace. Here I am and I hope you'll visit me often. I'll try to update regularly because I'm sure you'll want to know about the world as seen through my eyes.

2009 is here and thank goodness for that. For some reason I'm always glad to get rid of the old year. I guess it's my undying optimism that the new one will somehow be better. (I hear snickering out there. Is it my use of the word
optimism?) I think there's hope for this year as it's off to a good start. My beautiful, brilliant, perfect, and cuddly grandbaby joined the family. (Actually the blessed event was Dec. 29th, but I'm pretending that is was the start of the New Year.) Emily Rose Argyle came to us weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs. 2 oz.! As she couldn't quite put on the ounces, she's still in the hospital until she stops losing weight. They decided to put a feeding tube into her tummy so she can grow enough to at least stay warm. Claire looks darn good for having just delivered, doesn't she.

Here she is celebrating New Year's Eve in her traditional Fun Family New Year's Eve hat.
Bye for now. There are great things in store and lots of my world to come.