Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Blog-New Baby-New Year

Can you believe it! I (with Jessica's assistance) figured out how to step into Cyberspace. Here I am and I hope you'll visit me often. I'll try to update regularly because I'm sure you'll want to know about the world as seen through my eyes.

2009 is here and thank goodness for that. For some reason I'm always glad to get rid of the old year. I guess it's my undying optimism that the new one will somehow be better. (I hear snickering out there. Is it my use of the word
optimism?) I think there's hope for this year as it's off to a good start. My beautiful, brilliant, perfect, and cuddly grandbaby joined the family. (Actually the blessed event was Dec. 29th, but I'm pretending that is was the start of the New Year.) Emily Rose Argyle came to us weighing in at a whopping 4 lbs. 2 oz.! As she couldn't quite put on the ounces, she's still in the hospital until she stops losing weight. They decided to put a feeding tube into her tummy so she can grow enough to at least stay warm. Claire looks darn good for having just delivered, doesn't she.

Here she is celebrating New Year's Eve in her traditional Fun Family New Year's Eve hat.
Bye for now. There are great things in store and lots of my world to come.


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  2. Yay! Welcome to the blogging world. I'm very excited to "stop by" frequently.

    Congrats on becoming a grandma. Claire and family look great!

    PS-sorry for deleting your the first ever comment to your blog. I posted it and then noticed a typo. :)

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  4. Well, it seems Andrea and I are just trying to get your comment count up. Sorry about that, I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. :)
    Anyway, congrats! On being a grandma - Emily is so adorable! Hope she gets to come home soon.
    And on joining the land of blogger-dom. It's very addicting. :)

  5. I'm so excited you have a blog! I look forward to checking it often. I'm glad your new year is starting out with a fun new baby! She's beautiful.

  6. It's here at last. Looking forward to weekly updates, especially once you start back to school. It will be good to have that perspective.