Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life's Twists and Turns

Life really takes some twists and turns doesn't it? Last time I wrote, my biggest worry was school. Now there's Mark. I had a lovely week in the hospital with him. He thinks it was only 2 days. Morphine really makes time fly. And let me just say, no matter how good they make hospital cafeteria food look, it's not. But they can't ruin candy bars and bags of chips so that's what I ate (and ate) as I sat in that room trying to study between nurse visits every 15 minutes! A hospital is not the place to be if you need to rest and heal. Anyway, just when we thought Mark could go home, they come and tell us he has lymphoma.

Well, OK so here we go again--six chemo treatments every three weeks. That puts us from now through June before he's finished with poison therapy.
So far after
one treatment he hasn't felt too bad, but you must remember that he has two huge wounds still from his back-to-back surgeries that are still healing. He can't understand why he doesn't feel like playing tennis! The oncologist told him that his beautiful thick wavy hair would fall out in 10 to 14 days after his treatment and they were right on. I can attest to the fact that hair falling out in big clumps is really disgusting. So when his did, he just wanted to cut it off before it got to be a mess. This is BEFORE:

This is DURING:

So now here's the question--What style of hat works the best with Mark's bone structure (and ears)? I let him try on some of my cancer hats to try to decide.

Here he is as a baaad biker dude.
(Well maybe not too baaad.)

Mmmm, I don't think any of these looks is quite right. But I do rather think the French beret look is sexy.

But I think I'll see him most often as the All-American boy I married. If you don't know this fabulous man, you're missing out because he's one in a million!

Mark, I'm with you through all the tough days ahead and I can only hope I do it with the patience, love and caring you gave me six years ago. I love you. XOXOXO


  1. We love you guys and wish we were closer so I could be there. I am so sorry about Mark but he will do great. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. PS I baseball hat looks great!

    Love The Rasmussen's

  2. You are in our prayers and we are thinking of you often. He will do so great and pull through!

  3. Gayle, I'll be keeping you all in my prayers over the coming weeks. My heart hurts for your family, knowing that you're having to go through this all over again. But I think your sense of humor is absolutely marvelous :)

    Lots of love, Tammy.

  4. My vote is for the third hat down - so stylin'! :)

    Our thoughts and prayers and hugs and all of that stuff are with you guys right now.

  5. I think the beret looks the best. It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but I don't think his head is misshapen, so he can probably pull off the Mr. Clean look.

    You guys are awesome. We love you! You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. You know that you and all of yours are in our thoughts and prayers.

    And I agree with Tammy, your sense of humor in such a crazy and stressful time is absolutely fabulous and I think your hubby looks very dashing in that beret of his! :)

  7. Go Beret! Time for Mark to brush up on his French.

    What else can we say other than this experience is getting too common. What is it we haven't learned yet?

  8. Amen Loni--I've been wondering that myself.

  9. Hi Gayle,

    Thought I'd drop you a quick line. I hope you're all doing okay. You're still in my thoughts and prayers.

    xo Tammy